Admin Tools Technology

Install Duf on Mac and Linux

Install on Linux

1) Download Files
curl -s | grep browser_download_url | grep linux_x86_64.tar.gz | cut -d '"' -f 4 | wget -i -

2) Extract Files
tar xvf duf_*_linux_x86_64.tar.gz

3) Make files executable
chmod a+x duf

4) Move files to executable directory
sudo mv duf /usr/local/bin

5) Run


1) Run in terminal
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
2) Run

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Two Party System

Democrat’s and Republicans and the Big Media systems are I believe designed and operated to keep you emotionally engaged and feeling despair but enough puppy dog type stories in closing to keep you hooked. Then there are the other candidates(not a democrat or republican) that most people will tell you “Don’t throw away your vote”. But have you ever wondered if you have been conditioned by external factors to think the way you do? or are these thoughts something you consciously came to a conclusion too?

Democrat – is greek for people and force or power. Originally back when Andrew Jackson won his second presidential election, in 1828, the Democratic party(What is what is was know for soon after) was formed. Jackson was known for brining Wisconsin in as a Territory, Michigan becoming a state, Texas independence being recognized, introduced the Spoils System, opposed the Nullification of South Carolina, and vetoed the renewal of the US Bank. Looking at those acts as president, basing things on those actions alone, you would say the Democrat party is a paranoid angry power hungry organization where you fire everyone who does not agree with you. And we also have Andrew Jackson to thank for firing everyone in an administration on a president change and making the entire environment about yes people rather than people service whoever the president is and the country.

Republican – or the Grand Old Party (GOP) support having representatives of the people (republic) and not a monarchy.

Both Democrat and Republican parties are break offs of the Democratic-Republican party. Thats right, they both came form the same party and stuck together because a common shared interest. They both opposed the federalist party.

Electoral College

summarizing the electoral college, you need at least 270 electoral votes to become president of the US. 270 is the majority. If no one gets 270 then the house will vote in the President. Since the house will always be either democratic controlled or republican’s controlled, and tie breaker going to the speaker (either a Dem or Rep), you will never get a 3 party elected, even if there is tie or non one gets 270.

How to Introduce a third party?

Since you will never get rid of the electoral vote as a first step, you have to take a different approach. Traditionally it was impossible to have a third party candidate because the electoral college is a winner take all mentality making the math impossible for someone to win as a non DR(democrat/republican) candidate. But the one thing that is different today is social media and the strength it can carry bypassing the big media. If Ross Perot ran today he would have been elected. Providing his family was not murdered first(It was a real threat and why he dropped out). If the right group of social influencers united for a third party candidate, that strength would tip the table and put the fear of God into DR where both would fear one of they would Not be one of the two parties. That would be the only way the electoral college would be resolved and actual vote representation would happen. History has show that with the two party system, the electoral college very closely but not always mirrors the popular vote, but with more than two major parties, the electoral process falls apart and no longer represents the vote. But the most important part is that you currently need 270 electoral votes to become president, or the house of representatives end up electing the president. Since the house is normally around 55% one party 45% another party or somewhere in between, they will never elect a third party. So even though a third party may someday outshine the other two parties, and win the majority of electoral votes, they will never get elected by the house. Thus why the electoral vote process will never support more than two candidates.


SQL Technology Veeam

Shrink Veeam One DATABASE

Most space in Veeam should be in either one of two different tables. Based on where the space is located will dictate which method is used.

Table Explanation

  • perfsamplelow – is more than 1 month out history, and can use a script to truncate
  • perfsampleMed – Is current history set by Gui. Don’t use script oil this but rather thank gui retention rules.



Shrink Veeam One DB Low Table

SQL Manager is installed on VEEAMONE. Use that to run scripts.

SET @dt = CONVERT(DATETIME, '2020-01-25 00:00:00.001' ,120)
WHILE EXISTS (SELECT * FROM [monitor].[perfsamplelow] WITH(NOLOCK) WHERE [timestamp] < @dt)
    DELETE TOP (50000) FROM [monitor].[perfsamplelow] WHERE [timestamp] < @dt
DBCC shrinkfile (N'VeeamOne', 1)​

Analyze table size SQL

select top 10 schema_name(tab.schema_id) + '.' + as [table], 
    cast(sum(spc.used_pages * 8)/1024.00 as numeric(36, 2)) as used_mb,
    cast(sum(spc.total_pages * 8)/1024.00 as numeric(36, 2)) as allocated_mb
from sys.tables tab
join sys.indexes ind 
     on tab.object_id = ind.object_id
join sys.partitions part 
     on ind.object_id = part.object_id and ind.index_id = part.index_id
join sys.allocation_units spc
     on part.partition_id = spc.container_id
group by schema_name(tab.schema_id) + '.' +
order by sum(spc.used_pages) desc;

For more information see this post

The retention policy for VEEAM ONE has been changed to hopefully shrink the VEEAM ONE SQL database.


  1. Run the command C:\Program Files\Common Files\Veeam\Veeam ONE Settings\VeeamOneSettings.exe2.       Change the Retention Settings to a lower default setting of 12 and 6 months
  2. Change Retention Policy Settings. You can go as low as 1 month.

3.  We will need to wait to see if the VEEAM ONE SQL database shrinks at all after the changes have been made.

If the database does NOT shrink after about 30 minutes, then you neeed to go into SQL manager, connect to the veeam database as the same windows user that runs veeam, and run the following command

DBCC shrinkfile (N'VeeamOne', 1)

This will take up to 30 minutes. Sometimes 2 minutes sometimes 30 minutes sometimes in between. Depends on size of database, speed of computer that is processing the schrink.

Energy Technology

Green Hydrogen

I have had this dream of an all-in-one desalinization/hydrogen generation/storage/electrical generator that I have working out for years. The idea came to me back when I was a IT system engineer, and had a customer named DCH in Middleton, WI in the US which had Hydrogen products. One of their products was a device the size of a Porta Potty that powered remote houses in remote Alaska for about 6 months, then needed to be recharged for another six months.

I got to thinking, what if there was a way we didnt have to recharge the Fuel Cell pod every six months with compressed hydrogen, but rather could generate the hydrogen on demand using green energy like wind and solar.

I new many people have made on demand hydrogen production systems, the problem was always storage, and it took carbon energy and fresh water to make the hydrogen. If I solved the making the hydrogen with green energy and a way to get fresh water without using existing fresh water, that leaves storing it. With a fresh water shortage issue for certain places on this planet, and rising sea levels, what if we could convert sea water to fresh water, and use that in the electrolysis process. See FastCompany website article

So in my head I could see the Porta Potty sized device with a tank next to it. A wind turbine above and solar panels above the tank and fuel cell. This setup is setting on a sandy beach about 150 yards from the ocean, and a small pipe running into the ocean where there is a gated inlet to protect sea life. All along this beach are homes, and business. Each with their own setup. The Setup, I call it Genesis, also has an outlet filling up inland ponds with fresh water from desalinized ocean water.

The concept seems like it should work, just thousands of issues to work through. A way to reduce carbon, increase fresh water, provide green electricity, drinking water, help convert some parts of some deserts back to vegetation rich crop producing habitable land.

The goal is the Genesis would generate about 1.2 KW per hour enough to run most homes. The desalination would produce about 3,500 liters an hour; small about used for hydrogen creation, the rest would go into either drinking water reservoirs, if the reservoir is full, the left over goes to a retention pond that would be used for irrigation.

The Genisis would be an electrolyzer with a low compression hydrogen storage tank using metal hydride storage. An electronic transfer switch and brain operating that switch would control switch between on demand wind, or solar or hydrogen. The switch would monitor the outputs making the best decision based on the abundance of resources. Windy days, we may be sending

Hydrogen Storage

Using carbon nanotubes, physisorbed hydrogen, using heat to release the hydrogen, and cold to store the hydrogen. This will get you thinking all starwars like. Imagine being in your transport, and that ship is running hot, which is good, you can control and use the hydrogen, but you need to make sure the tank itself stays cool or the whole ship blows. you only warm up the outlet to extract and burn the hydrogen in your engines. When you land on the planet and need to fuel up, you need to wait for the inlet to cool so it absorbs the hydrogen from the filler.

People right now use traditional batteries to store solar. You could also use it to store hydrogen power. Meaning clean the water, perform electrolysis using the hydrogen right away storing the electricity and the pure water bi-product. Article focuses on Utilities using Battery Storage, One of our goals is to remove the entire need for a grid, but some of the specs on battery usage is helpful.

Liquefied Hydrogen

Required: to be -253C,
Tanks must be insulated.
Currently used with: Space travel

Cold- and cryo-compressed hydrogen

  • Requirements: cooled -253C plus compression
  • Tanks: insulated and very strong/heavy
  • Currently in Use: for moving hydrogen
  • Downsides: takes 9%-12% of final energy to store it

Materials Based H2 Storage

  • Types: Hydride storage, liquid hydrogen, surface storage
  • Tanks: Vary depending on type used
  • Currently in User: experimental only
  • Downsides: complex and expensive

Living off the Grid in 2006 – Shows even though the energy is free, the equipment costs more than utility power, and when there is no wind, and no sun, and no backup, a generator has a larger carbon foot print than grid power. At least if you dont have a hydrogen storage tank as your backup.

Another very interesting out of box idea is to still use ocean water, and natural resources to store energy, but instead of hydrogen, use gravity. The idea is the wind turbine pumps ocean water up the shore to a large storage tank. The storage thank would be connected to a generator. At any point the valve could open when wind and or solar is done for the day. hydro electric would happen at that point. The Wind and Solar would also run desalination on that pumped up water.

Another out of box idea, hold on, is to use bricks like the red bricks that. you find on a house or fireplace to store energy. This is a very interesting read.

Another idea that has happened is the using gym equipment converting that motion into energy. Check out his video, then think of what a large Gym could produce.

So let me know what you think. Do you see a green future where we no longer have a grid? can efficiency one day be better with no Grid? or do you think it will just never happen and that Henry Fords assembly line principal will make living on a grid the only way we will ever operate on this planet.


US Sells California to Balance Debt

Californian is not being sold, but it might be one day. The US Debit is at 27 Trillion dollars as of Nov 2 2020. If you sold seven FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) companies and took 100% of those 7 FANG companies sales, you could pay off the US Debt. Another way to look at US Debt, if you took every cent from the annual US tax revenue for 7 years (yes the Market Cap value of FANG is the same right now as the total US tax revenue) and applied that to the national Debt, you could get US out of debt.  

What US citizen would the US citizen would be allowed to financially operate like the US Government? Answer is no one. We would eventually be put in jail after everything has been sized from us and we still could not pay our debt, or we would claim bankruptcy.

FANG Market Cap 3.581 Trillion

US Debt over 27 Trillion

FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google)

If the US were to claim bankruptcy, the world economy would unfortunately fail. So the pickle, since the US with a two party system will never stop increasing spending, and we cannot be taxed more than 100%; only logical conclusion is we will eventually be taxed 100% or the US will claim bankruptcy. I know this is dramatic but math never lies. The US will either claim bankruptcy because taxing US citizens 100% cannot happen or thinking out of the box, and what is more realistic is when the US get desperate and things really start to crumble, the US will start selling states off.  What States do you think will be sold off by the US? Alaska maybe being close to China in between Russia and the US(China would buy it) or California (China would buy that too)?

Oh wait besides the national debt, there is also unfunded liabilities. This is the amount of money that is on the books to be paid to existing future bills. Think of it like you bought a cell phone on a two year plan. you owe two years. Your budget has this months charges, but you don’t have the other 23 moths, those are in unfunded liabilities. So the US has 155 trillion in unfunded liabilities. WTF for reals!! Yep true. So imagine if your unfunded liabilities was 45 times larger than your income for a year, and on top of that you spend more than you make every year, I know double WTF. And most politicians believe we should increase spending and taxes. If it were our house hold budget, we would decrease spending and increase income, not the US government, they play by their own rules sucker.

OK, so increase taxes. Lets say that we increase taxes to oh say 100% of everyones income. Yeah, no take home pay, just taxes. stay with me here. 2020 the personal income in the us was around 20 trillion. So you (everyone) would have to take zero thats $0 dollars home from your paycheck for more than a year, about a year and a half, then we could pay off the US Debt. OR another idea, we could liquidate everything the US owns (Assets) and then we could pay off the debt with some money to spare. But that 1 trillion to spare, we would eat up in about a half of year easily That is how much we over spend every single year. At least that. Remember none of that is taking into consideration unfunded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare, Veterans and a few other expenses).

But here is the absolute very best part of them all. You will love this swindle bait in switch character building exercise. Oh this is good. So who owns the debt? Well as you would think some is owned by Foreign governments, yep they own stock in the US (thats what it is), also Pension plans own some US debt.

OK US Pensions really? isn’t that unfunded liabilities? Also Monetary Authorities (Federal Reserve), Individuals, State/local governments , Banks, Insurance Companies. Basically Other countries own some debt, you and me if we purchased some US Stock, and a large amount of US debt is owned by the US debt. Kinda like using a credit card to pay off another credit card. Nicely done Sam.

Deficit – Where is this going?

As you can see from the chart below, Medicare and Social Security take the majority of tax revenue. The 4th biggest spend “Income Security” is one I had to look up; is general retirement and disability insurance, federal employee retirement and disability, unemployment compensation, housing assistance, nutrition assistance; and other income security like foster care, supplemental security income and earned income and child tax credits.

Data in charts are from Datalab

Overview of revenue and spending

Federal Income

Federal Income has not changed much through time. Income tax has gone done about the same amount that social security tax has gone up. Corporate Taxes has gone down since 2016 by a third, which may seem like a lot. But keep this in mind. 1) Income Taxes and Social Security/Medicare taxes come out of your paycheck. Companies pay about the same amount in you do also as income and social security taxes, so half of what you see in the federal revenue charts are paid by corporations. The category called Corporate taxes are a very small amount of the taxes corporations pay. And that dip in “corporate taxes” being paid is about less than 1% of the taxes already pay as income, social security, medicare taxes.

US income compared to other countries

Other Countries Spending in Comparison

As you see form a revenue standpoint, the us takes in much more per person than China. Compared to India, India pretty much doesn’t tax their people.


Federal Spending

Spending categories in the chart below for the biggest categories I will place below the chart. Look over the chart, then read over the categories.

Spending Category

IMHO I thing the spending reporting should not batch together everything they do group together in the category “Income Security”. Here is what the chart should look like. Charts should be used to provide a picture of values, helping you make decisions and start making assumptions. To me grouping everything in a category called Income Security is not a good choice.

Same data as a doughnut chart

Below is the actual chart. Again data is from DataLab

Social Security$1.10
National Defense$0.73
Commerce and Housing$0.57
Unemployment Compensation$0.48
Other Income Security$0.46
Interest from Debt$0.34
Veterens Benifits$0.22
General Goverment$0.18
Federal Employee Retirement and Disability$0.15
Food and Nutrition Assistance$0.12
Housing Assistance$0.05
Regional Development$0.05
Retirement and Disability Insurance$0.00

What is the difference between the public debt and the deficit?

The deficit is the difference between the money Government takes in, called receipts, and what the Government spends, called outlays, each year. Receipts include the money the Government takes in from income, excise and social insurance taxes as well as fees and other income. Outlays include all Federal spending including social security and Medicare benefits along with all other spending ranging from medical research to interest payments on the debt. When there is a deficit, Treasury must borrow the money needed for the government to pay its bills.

Covid Effect

You will noticed that 2020 has been a crushing blow to the already dismal outlook on US Debt. The chart below shows (in brown) the massive onslaught of new national debt. The one thing that I will be curious to watch is the future audits, the receipts I believe are severely over stated. There is no way we took in massive amounts of new Income Tax and Social Security charged on your paycheck when covid broke out. I believe when these audits occur, and numbers are correct, our national debt will take another massive debt making the total of US Assets less than the total US Debt. This is whats called F*(Ck3D.


Paying Off the Debt

OK, in reality selling California or Alaska or another state to pay off the debt, sure would work shy of any revolt not to mention the all the other civil catastrophic issues. I think it would be in our best interest to explore some other options.

Fiscal Responsibility

I know this is NOT popular by any means with politicians on any side of the aisle, but I see it as the only option short of selling a state or going Bankrupt. This is spending within our Means and adding debt payments that would actually pay off the debt in 100 years or less as part of our expenses. I have a spreadsheet if you are interested in the math. The math i modeled below would include increasing taxes (using 2020 numbers) and reducing spending. I know, I know it is what you and I do, but for our politicians who lie cheat, steal, give them selfs raises, great pensions, forever healthcare better than what we all have, this is a very foreign concept.

I based it off rounding our 27.### trillion debt to 28T. Use the 2019 average expense of all that debt, perform compounding interest using the years that we are modeling, add that debt payment to the revenue and what is left is what we can use for social security, pensions, military and all the other stuff we are blowing money on at a rate that does not come anywhere near as close as any other country that seems to function pretty well compared to our so called self proclaimed “Greatest Country on Earth”. Side note: the rest of the planet laughs at us when we proclaim ourselves that. I know we don’t have the market on corrupt politicians, but we definitely have the market share. USA, USA!.

Rant done, in all seriousness, if you look at the amount left over to spend on social services, and what we spend now, you can see how painful this will be to the US. In reality, this thing will snowball light is was covered in lighter fluid, started on fire and thrown at our face. Hot, Cold and Painful.

When you decrease the amount of money people and business have to spend on stuff, you decrease sales taxes and GDP. This will reduce the number of jobs and increase the weight on social services, or if we stick to our guns and do not pay for things we do not have money for, create mass poverty and non humanitarian conditions. Especially because we live in a society where humans watch other humans on decisive big media news stations that emotionally charge you at the same time desensitize you to the ruble of seeing a catastrophe and saying “Ow thats so sad, let’s get pizza”. Instead of in the 18th and 19th century when you would help people in need. I know there are people who do help, but that is a very small percentage.

Will the US ever Get out of Debt?

Once facts are analyzed, the truth is shown. The US will never get out of debt, will eventually default, and may have to do something very drastic to become financially in check. But that will not happen until the American public first gets educated on what debt will do to the US, and then demand their representatives to care more about protecting their future than giving in to donors interested for the sake of their job security. If “public servant” feels they will not be re elected because they cut spending in their state to help save the country, and they still do it, give them a medal, maybe a memorial. But right now there are no medals, politicians turn on politicians even within the same clan. Getting elected is more important than doing what is right for most representatives. One side of the mouth they say they want to Unit the Divided States of America, and in the other side of their mouth they poke prod and stir peoples emotions playin the average Divided States of Americans citizens as a pawn, and treat their bishops, queens and kings as royalty. This is not a game, and until people remove politics from public service, we will never get out of debt, will default.

What does Default Look Like

To know what US Default on Debt looks like you need to run through a model of default. Keep in mind that it is not a thing where the US will not pay back everyone, but it could be a very small default. The danger is there is no such thing as a small default. Once confidence erodes, the debut will snowball.

BBC did a great piece on what it would looked like if the US defaulted. check it out.


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  • US Debt Clock
  • 18 facts on the US National Debt that are almost too hard to believe
  • Who owns the National Debt
  • US Debt owners
  • US Debt data
  • Treasury Debt owners in their own words
  • Good chart for seeing Social Security receipts since 1940 to 2017,the%201983%20Social%20Security%20reforms.


Kayak Mirror Lake

I love putting in the Kayak in the Dells and working up to Mirror Lake. Here are some pictures form the trip.

Here is a good read on Mirror Lakes history by Cathy Sperl. Talks about the Ringling brothers tie to the area and a ton more. Cathy’s blog is where I learned there was a bass called a Black Bass.


COVID the Cure

Covid – The Virus and the Vaccine

Whether we avoid getting the disease, find a vaccine for the disease or most of us get the disease and immunity takes over, some form of a cure from infection which creates early death is what this world needs. But should we be avoiding infection or avoiding severe infection.

The bottom line is the financial world is burning which affects suicide rates, depression, quality of life, ability of businesses, health, governments and every other institutions to grow thrive and get stronger are now all getting weaker. This adds extra stress and generates paranoia, anger which leads to knee jerk reactions that are not rational, riots, gun crimes rates rising, lack of empathy until there is a general collapse of society as a whole. Imagine the world if COVID never affected anyone. What would it be like? How has the 2020 election changed, would there not have been riots? What else would have been different? What if we could avoid infection.

Learn How Infection Happens

How Covid2 works

Grim view yes, but there could be a an alternative, but it involves being brave, engagement, losing the “I hope someone comes up with a cure” attitude. In a world where more and more of just about everything is done for us, and we as citizens of this planet know less and less about how to actually live self sustaining but become simple consumers. This concept of “Its Me who has to be part of the solution” is not first hand nature to us anymore. And No “wearing a mask” is not the solution, thats avoidance. I am not saying you should not wear a mask, but we should not take the approach of wear a mask, watch Netflix and hope the government gives us money they don’t have, and someone else comes up with a free cure is beyond crazy. Logic tells you where that will go. We have to get engaged, learn, think and actively be a part of the solution.

So why the rant, what do I have to offer, who made me an expert? Well I am not an expert. I do have something to offer though. And I rant because I am exhausted from where we are an our heard ignorance and acceptance of this planets status quo. I saved myself from an early death once, and maybe I can help someone else do the same.

Let me start with Contact Tracing; This must be done. And the word “privacy” is not a valid excuse to not contact trace. Contact tracing is letting people who can contract a contractable disease know they have been by someone who contracted the disease. Many people state they don’t want to be on that team because of “My privacy….”. First understand what is shared. Location and times the person who is infected. If you don’t want other people to know where you have gone and who you bumped into because of privacy, you could being ending someones life early. Then you need to see a shrink or a prison. That is not a privacy concern that is a psychotic or criminal concern.

To develop a Cure, we need way more useful data points that are relative to the subject as well as a baseline. Meaning we need data on people who are infected and died, infected with mild symptoms and infected with no symptoms as well as that same set of data on people never infected. We need to pick up on those patterns that make this virus not a big deal versus lethal. Since it is easily contracted, thinking we can live the rest of our lives with a mask on an half the businesses shutdown is a pretty dumb cowardly option. And without good data we are guessing like Jekyll and Mr Hyde testing. Im thinking there is a better way. Good Data.

What is good data? Well right now we don’t know the Vitamin D, PH,

We are collecting almost nothing as if we don’t want to find a cure. We need to know hundreds if not thousands of data points about people who exposed not infected, A symptomatic, infected severely and not severely. Things like what was their PH level, do they sleep well, drink, smoke, what foods do they eat, genetic heritage(what kind of mutt are they), there are hundreds more. We need this data because for most almost all people who contract the virus don’t have any or very mild symptoms, but a few get severely sick and some of those people die earlier than they would without covid. And there is a reaction to every action, your T cells and B Cells and other immune tools of your body will recognized and kill proteins like NSP1 faster or slower than that protein can do its job. We need to know what enterprise factor causes this, or what genetic trait allows it. Hospitals and government is not asking for this, and there is no mechanism to take the data, transform and present it for analytics. From a data persons point of view this is either insanity or intent on not understanding this virus.

Finally, the shutdown. This one gets me also. First I don’t want to wear a mask, but who does. The fact is a mask will slow down transmission to a degree and buy us more time to do the things we should be doing but are not(see above). But shutting down businesses is NOT the answer. Most people do not get severely sick from Covid-19, those who do get severely sick a small percentage die earlier than they normally would. If I have a choice between burning the world down or being one of those who die early, I will always choose dying earlier. I don’t want my life to cost the world living. From the beginning we should have protocol that states you must wear a mask, contact tracing is in place, data points must be collected or risk losing medical license, don’t furlough RN’s but instead repurpose them for things like data collection and contact tracing; a hospitals bottom line is not that important. And Separating highly contagious patients by a floor with the same HVAC system, lunch rooms and other shared systems is wont work. You need a separate facility. Seeing empty ships and medical tents with overcrowded hospitals confused me. I know it is not as simple as what I am stating and am not saying it is easy to separate contagious and non contagious but that does not mean it shouldn’t happen. And Don’t shutdown the world.

Bullet Points

  1. Covid 2 is the virus that caused Covid-19
  2. Virus is protein with bad stuff inside
  3. Virus hijack living cells to spread
  4. When corona virus finds a suitable cell, it injects a strand of RNA that contains the entire corona virus RNA
  5. The Corona virus suppresses the immune system and copies itself NSP1
  6. NSP1 Covid 19 protein slows down the infected cells making of its own protein. This causes the infected cell to make more Covid proteins and stops the infected cells ability to assemble antiviral proteins that could stop the virus.
  7. CoronaVirus is named after the crown of protein spikes covering their outer membrane
  8. Virus’s are dead. They need to attach to something that makes proteins. Human cells make proteins all the time.
  9. B Cells make and release antibodies, these antibodies attach to the corona virus protein spikes, and make it no longer sticky. The big eater Macrophage (White blood cells) patrol around and look for things with antibodies on, and eat them up.
  10. T cells are the feet on the street looking for broken human cells, and eats those. Normally broken cells are dead, or dying or infected Non normal human cells.
  11. T and B cells stick around after a battle for days, weeks even years in cause this enemy which it has learned about and defeated ever returns.
  12. Vaccines gets the T and B cells ready ahead of time to know this enemy before you have it. That way if you contract the virus’s have have a prepared army waiting, and the battle is easily won.
  13. RNA is a virus’s equivalent to human DNA.
  14. RNA Vaccines are supposed to be faster and cheaper to produce than Whole and Part virus vaccines as the human is the growing vessel, and you don’t actually have a deadly virus being put in you.

Vaccine Types

  1. Using the whole live or dead virus and injecting that into the body to activate the T and B cells to start fighting. Things that can go wrong are the virus going rouge and completely taking down the human. West Africa is having this issue with Polio vaccines right now 2020.
  2. Using part of the virus, for example NSP1 and let the body know it and build up T and B Cells. Since it’s not the whole virus, there is no danger of it taking hold. By itself NSP1 is pretty useless. But NSP1 is also the key for the virus to start to work. So if the body can destroy NSP1 on contact, theoretically the whole virus would never have a chance if treated before hand with a NSP1 vaccine. And possible in the beginning of contraction.
  3. Genetic Vaccines is injecting the RNA of a protein of the virus into the body so your body makes disease fighting antigens of it. I don’t understand this one much, but seems like you are sending the design of part of a virus so the body can see its bad, and build defenses against the virus. Making you immune to it. To me it almost sounds like your body could start to think the virus is safe and no longer fight it.

India is testing out COVAXIN right now with 1500 volunteers in 15 cities. The vaccines is what is called an indigenous Inactivated vaccine. My tiny little brain believes this means they have taken some proteans out of a strain(but could be the whole virus), and grown and killed the virus, injected them into people. But really I have not been able to figure out what it means and am just guessing. My biology has been high school and the internet(back to me not being an expert) Here is Wiki’s definition on Inactivated Vaccine . The pre-trails where shown to be safe and immunogenic. Which means it did not significantly harm anyone and created an immune response to the COVID 19 virus which was stronger than expected natural response.

RdRp inhibitors also seem like a very good possibility but there are no trials as far as I can tell. RNA is different than DNA as it is single stranded. The way this one works is I think is it has some thing that stops the enzyme that allows for RNA Synthesizing. RNA Synthesizing is what the virus needs to copy. Take away the ability to copy the virus dies. The catch, what if the Virus finds a way to survive. Meaning mutates into something that is more lethal and does not need that particular enzyme to synthesize. Thats called chasing your tail. But there is always a danger of a virus mutating. Covid has 29 proteans right now, each with a different role. If we use partial vaccine say to remove or block the NSP1 protean, I could see the virus possibly adapting to a different protean to start copying and blocking good cell replication.

Coroflu being developed by the University of Wisconsin Madison and Vaccine maker FluGen is in beginning trials. This one injects gene sequences with the hopes that the bodies T and B cells see and kill, with the T Cell remembering this pattern, and killing any future matching patterns. The delivery is intranasally meaning up your nose. Thats right Shove up your nose buddy. The Idea is delivering up the nose instead of a shot is a shortcut to immune response faster directly to the sources. Kinda like a road block at the border instead of a general BOLO(be on the look out).

ZyCoV-D, its plasmid DNA vaccine, was found to be safe, immunogenic and well-tolerated in the pre-clinical toxicity studies, Zydus said. Trials are also being done in India. I see a pattern here.

Moderna was the first vaccine to start human trials which started on March 16. Moderna is a shot, and there are two doses. Interesting things is Moderna has never had a licensed product, so this would be their first. I think they are in phase II trials right now as of July 2020.

So what is this Trial thing?

PhaseI – Find out if it is safe(wont kill you) and push the dosage until the get to a point where it will kill your or there is no reason to increase dosage.

PhaseII – is all about does it actually do anything that it is intended too. Meaning does it work. So plasebo’s effect is tested and other stuff.

PhaseIII – if we get this far, that means the vaccine is safe, and works. We need to now find out specifically how well it works and figure out the side effects. Once we know side effects we can product market and sell.

Normally this is great, controlled, assures things work and you know for the most part what risk you are getting into. But I am thinking form someones point of view, if they are told you are going on a respirator, and not sure if you will come out of it, to not give them a choice of a PhaseI drug is cruel and selfish. They person should be allowed trial I or II drugs, and especially II drugs. To hold back because of packaging and liability to someone who has a high percentage of dying is cold. Now if the drug is not available at that location that is one thing. But to not because you can watch them and collect results that is a whole other thing. Tell the family that because you could not collect results you felt it was better their family member died. I think if our norm is on critical patients liability is removed, a system of data collection can be setup and rolled out.

Your Blood

What is in your Blood

Blood has red blood cells made in your bone marrow, white blood cells which aid in creating antibody’s and fighting disease, plasma which is the liquid that carries everything made up of all sorts of stuff like water, proteins, sugar, fats, vitamins. Finally there are platelets which stick to stuff and does things like stop bleeding.

Antigens and Antibodies

This video is really insightful and full of some findings that I am still trying to understand but I think you will find very helpful. As I learn I may be updating this page and correcting what I may have thought accurate which turns out to be off.

Odds with COVID-19

First off this data is July 18 2020 data and is much like a survey or poll. The truth about polls, surveys and these numbers are this. Never do you hear the news state poll numbers like this: “A recent poll of people who decided to respond to the poll of people we choose to ask stated xyz”. It is the same with the odds of things happening regarding Covid. You have to take a test to be counted as a test. Example: a Tyson chicken plant had 199 positive cases, with one person feeling symptoms. If Tyson did not require the staff to be tested, how many people do you think would have gotten tested, probably 1, maybe. Odds were derived form this source

  • Odds of Dying if tested positive: 3.6%
  • Odds of Testing Positive if Tested: 8.2%
  • Odds of contracting the disease if you are not by anyone who has the disease or touch anything someone may have touched who has the disease 0%

And the other things I hear from people is some say the counted COVID deaths are understated, some say they are over stated. Understated I think would be tougher to do than overstate, but still possible. Most people have some kind of autopsy if dying earlier than natural so really tough to not be tested for COVID. Overstated from what I have been hearing, a suicide from depression because of COVID is counted as a COVID death, but I have not had a 100% confirmation on this, but you could see how the deaths could be overstated. Here is a good read on counting COVID deaths.

Reference and Further Reading


Internet Health Tools

The Internet is millions of networks interconnected, it is not a thing but rather things that are connected. When I hear a customer or a friend say “My internet is slow or down” generally they look at internet is a thing, product in a single package that should either work or not. But that is kinda like saying “My body is not working”. Reality is the issue can be so many different things.

With Customers and friends alike, I generally take the same approach. Start from the device and work hop by hop service by service backwards. eventually reaching the things call the internet. After I have ruled out the users wifi, copper, jacks, drivers, pc, mac OS and so on, basically everything from the Dmarc in, I will work the local internet carrier network. If the local ISP network seems OK, I will go to the internet core health itself, which is another collection of networks. Level3, ATT and a few others. These core networks are the networks that all the IPS’s use to get to another ISP network. Kinda like a mail package, leaves a house, goes to a mailbox, if the local carrier does their job and picks up the package and delivers it to the local post office, the next step is the package if not destined for another local address will leave the town or city, and make its way over the interstate system or maybe the air, or maybe a ship. Then eventually reach another local postal carrier network, then eventually someones mailbox, then their. home. The Internet as a who works almost exactly like that. Well the tools I need to see if the network transports between the to local postal networks is working, I use the following tools

US Backbone Routes

Build your own Internet Health Report


Twin Cities 2020 Riot Map

When wrong meets wrong. Looking at the map, you can see the majority of the issues are opportunistic. Would much rather see more peaceful protests. The rioting, burning of peoples places of work, eating and getting help not only deters other peaceful protestors, but harms the ability for people who need help to get help. For example the Affordable Housing service building on 29th was burned to the ground. So many examples exist too. We have a real chance to make change and the destruction is making it much harder to make change.

Medical Report

After reading the medical report, the facts from what I see say he died from a heart attack which was induced by the restricted air to the heart and stress from the arrest. Read it you-self and let me know what you think. The less air you have the harder your heart needs to beat. Stress also races the heart. He had almost 20 cuts/scrapes from the arrest. It appears he was mind altered by drugs, but does not be appear relevant to the death as the chemical limit was not at levels which put health in danger.

IoT Technology

Thingfo Article on Transports and Protocols

Useful IoT Transports

  • sigfox @
  • LoRa
  • Z-Wave
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth


WiFi Chipset Makers

Usefull IoT Protocols

  • MGTT

Reference – AdaFruit and Digikey IoT Thingnfo Video