Twin Cities 2020 Riot Map

When wrong meets wrong. Looking at the map, you can see the majority of the issues are opportunistic. Would much rather see more peaceful protests. The rioting, burning of peoples places of work, eating and getting help not only deters other peaceful protestors, but harms the ability for people who need help to get help. For example the Affordable Housing service building on 29th was burned to the ground. So many examples exist too. We have a real chance to make change and the destruction is making it much harder to make change.

Medical Report

After reading the medical report, the facts from what I see say he died from a heart attack which was induced by the restricted air to the heart and stress from the arrest. Read it you-self and let me know what you think. The less air you have the harder your heart needs to beat. Stress also races the heart. He had almost 20 cuts/scrapes from the arrest. It appears he was also on mind altering drugs, but does not be appear relevant to the death as the chemical limit was not at levels which put health in danger. But again, under the influence of drugs, wouldn’t that also influence your heart rate, especially under drugs?

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