See whats connecting to your computer

Little Snitch is a MacOS application that reminds me of a few products that existing in the early 2000’s called Black Ice and Network View. Black Ice would monitor connections to and from your computer and dynamically block connections if feels are a risk. Network View would show on a map connections to and from your computer so you can visually see where your computer is connecting to. Watch the brief Little Snitch overview video below.

Little Snitch is a fairly priced product and seems to respond quite well. It is highly configurable or ready to run out of the box for those who do not want to mess with settings.

To me the big attention getter for me to the product is visibility and knowing where the applications I was using was connecting too. Check it out, they have a trial that last 3 hours allowing you to kick the tires.

If you want to go to whole other level there is a tool you can download from github called Volatility that allows you to analyze memory dumps and look for things like root kits.