Admin Tools Technology

Install Duf on Mac and Linux

Install on Linux

1) Download Files
curl -s | grep browser_download_url | grep linux_x86_64.tar.gz | cut -d '"' -f 4 | wget -i -

2) Extract Files
tar xvf duf_*_linux_x86_64.tar.gz

3) Make files executable
chmod a+x duf

4) Move files to executable directory
sudo mv duf /usr/local/bin

5) Run


1) Run in terminal
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
2) Run

Other Awesome Linux Tools


Two Party System

Democrat’s and Republicans and the Big Media systems are I believe designed and operated to keep you emotionally engaged and feeling despair but enough puppy dog type stories in closing to keep you hooked. Then there are the other candidates(not a democrat or republican) that most people will tell you “Don’t throw away your vote”. But have you ever wondered if you have been conditioned by external factors to think the way you do? or are these thoughts something you consciously came to a conclusion too?

Democrat – is greek for people and force or power. Originally back when Andrew Jackson won his second presidential election, in 1828, the Democratic party(What is what is was know for soon after) was formed. Jackson was known for brining Wisconsin in as a Territory, Michigan becoming a state, Texas independence being recognized, introduced the Spoils System, opposed the Nullification of South Carolina, and vetoed the renewal of the US Bank. Looking at those acts as president, basing things on those actions alone, you would say the Democrat party is a paranoid angry power hungry organization where you fire everyone who does not agree with you. And we also have Andrew Jackson to thank for firing everyone in an administration on a president change and making the entire environment about yes people rather than people service whoever the president is and the country.

Republican – or the Grand Old Party (GOP) support having representatives of the people (republic) and not a monarchy.

Both Democrat and Republican parties are break offs of the Democratic-Republican party. Thats right, they both came form the same party and stuck together because a common shared interest. They both opposed the federalist party.

Electoral College

summarizing the electoral college, you need at least 270 electoral votes to become president of the US. 270 is the majority. If no one gets 270 then the house will vote in the President. Since the house will always be either democratic controlled or republican’s controlled, and tie breaker going to the speaker (either a Dem or Rep), you will never get a 3 party elected, even if there is tie or non one gets 270.

How to Introduce a third party?

Since you will never get rid of the electoral vote as a first step, you have to take a different approach. Traditionally it was impossible to have a third party candidate because the electoral college is a winner take all mentality making the math impossible for someone to win as a non DR(democrat/republican) candidate. But the one thing that is different today is social media and the strength it can carry bypassing the big media. If Ross Perot ran today he would have been elected. Providing his family was not murdered first(It was a real threat and why he dropped out). If the right group of social influencers united for a third party candidate, that strength would tip the table and put the fear of God into DR where both would fear one of they would Not be one of the two parties. That would be the only way the electoral college would be resolved and actual vote representation would happen. History has show that with the two party system, the electoral college very closely but not always mirrors the popular vote, but with more than two major parties, the electoral process falls apart and no longer represents the vote. But the most important part is that you currently need 270 electoral votes to become president, or the house of representatives end up electing the president. Since the house is normally around 55% one party 45% another party or somewhere in between, they will never elect a third party. So even though a third party may someday outshine the other two parties, and win the majority of electoral votes, they will never get elected by the house. Thus why the electoral vote process will never support more than two candidates.


SQL Technology Veeam

Shrink Veeam One DATABASE

Most space in Veeam should be in either one of two different tables. Based on where the space is located will dictate which method is used.

Table Explanation

  • perfsamplelow – is more than 1 month out history, and can use a script to truncate
  • perfsampleMed – Is current history set by Gui. Don’t use script oil this but rather thank gui retention rules.



Shrink Veeam One DB Low Table

SQL Manager is installed on VEEAMONE. Use that to run scripts.

SET @dt = CONVERT(DATETIME, '2020-01-25 00:00:00.001' ,120)
WHILE EXISTS (SELECT * FROM [monitor].[perfsamplelow] WITH(NOLOCK) WHERE [timestamp] < @dt)
    DELETE TOP (50000) FROM [monitor].[perfsamplelow] WHERE [timestamp] < @dt
DBCC shrinkfile (N'VeeamOne', 1)​

Analyze table size SQL

select top 10 schema_name(tab.schema_id) + '.' + as [table], 
    cast(sum(spc.used_pages * 8)/1024.00 as numeric(36, 2)) as used_mb,
    cast(sum(spc.total_pages * 8)/1024.00 as numeric(36, 2)) as allocated_mb
from sys.tables tab
join sys.indexes ind 
     on tab.object_id = ind.object_id
join sys.partitions part 
     on ind.object_id = part.object_id and ind.index_id = part.index_id
join sys.allocation_units spc
     on part.partition_id = spc.container_id
group by schema_name(tab.schema_id) + '.' +
order by sum(spc.used_pages) desc;

For more information see this post

The retention policy for VEEAM ONE has been changed to hopefully shrink the VEEAM ONE SQL database.


  1. Run the command C:\Program Files\Common Files\Veeam\Veeam ONE Settings\VeeamOneSettings.exe2.       Change the Retention Settings to a lower default setting of 12 and 6 months
  2. Change Retention Policy Settings. You can go as low as 1 month.

3.  We will need to wait to see if the VEEAM ONE SQL database shrinks at all after the changes have been made.

If the database does NOT shrink after about 30 minutes, then you neeed to go into SQL manager, connect to the veeam database as the same windows user that runs veeam, and run the following command

DBCC shrinkfile (N'VeeamOne', 1)

This will take up to 30 minutes. Sometimes 2 minutes sometimes 30 minutes sometimes in between. Depends on size of database, speed of computer that is processing the schrink.

Energy Technology

Green Hydrogen

I have had this dream of an all-in-one desalinization/hydrogen generation/storage/electrical generator that I have working out for years. The idea came to me back when I was a IT system engineer, and had a customer named DCH in Middleton, WI in the US which had Hydrogen products. One of their products was a device the size of a Porta Potty that powered remote houses in remote Alaska for about 6 months, then needed to be recharged for another six months.

I got to thinking, what if there was a way we didnt have to recharge the Fuel Cell pod every six months with compressed hydrogen, but rather could generate the hydrogen on demand using green energy like wind and solar.

I new many people have made on demand hydrogen production systems, the problem was always storage, and it took carbon energy and fresh water to make the hydrogen. If I solved the making the hydrogen with green energy and a way to get fresh water without using existing fresh water, that leaves storing it. With a fresh water shortage issue for certain places on this planet, and rising sea levels, what if we could convert sea water to fresh water, and use that in the electrolysis process. See FastCompany website article

So in my head I could see the Porta Potty sized device with a tank next to it. A wind turbine above and solar panels above the tank and fuel cell. This setup is setting on a sandy beach about 150 yards from the ocean, and a small pipe running into the ocean where there is a gated inlet to protect sea life. All along this beach are homes, and business. Each with their own setup. The Setup, I call it Genesis, also has an outlet filling up inland ponds with fresh water from desalinized ocean water.

The concept seems like it should work, just thousands of issues to work through. A way to reduce carbon, increase fresh water, provide green electricity, drinking water, help convert some parts of some deserts back to vegetation rich crop producing habitable land.

The goal is the Genesis would generate about 1.2 KW per hour enough to run most homes. The desalination would produce about 3,500 liters an hour; small about used for hydrogen creation, the rest would go into either drinking water reservoirs, if the reservoir is full, the left over goes to a retention pond that would be used for irrigation.

The Genisis would be an electrolyzer with a low compression hydrogen storage tank using metal hydride storage. An electronic transfer switch and brain operating that switch would control switch between on demand wind, or solar or hydrogen. The switch would monitor the outputs making the best decision based on the abundance of resources. Windy days, we may be sending

Hydrogen Storage

Using carbon nanotubes, physisorbed hydrogen, using heat to release the hydrogen, and cold to store the hydrogen. This will get you thinking all starwars like. Imagine being in your transport, and that ship is running hot, which is good, you can control and use the hydrogen, but you need to make sure the tank itself stays cool or the whole ship blows. you only warm up the outlet to extract and burn the hydrogen in your engines. When you land on the planet and need to fuel up, you need to wait for the inlet to cool so it absorbs the hydrogen from the filler.

People right now use traditional batteries to store solar. You could also use it to store hydrogen power. Meaning clean the water, perform electrolysis using the hydrogen right away storing the electricity and the pure water bi-product. Article focuses on Utilities using Battery Storage, One of our goals is to remove the entire need for a grid, but some of the specs on battery usage is helpful.

Liquefied Hydrogen

Required: to be -253C,
Tanks must be insulated.
Currently used with: Space travel

Cold- and cryo-compressed hydrogen

  • Requirements: cooled -253C plus compression
  • Tanks: insulated and very strong/heavy
  • Currently in Use: for moving hydrogen
  • Downsides: takes 9%-12% of final energy to store it

Materials Based H2 Storage

  • Types: Hydride storage, liquid hydrogen, surface storage
  • Tanks: Vary depending on type used
  • Currently in User: experimental only
  • Downsides: complex and expensive

Living off the Grid in 2006 – Shows even though the energy is free, the equipment costs more than utility power, and when there is no wind, and no sun, and no backup, a generator has a larger carbon foot print than grid power. At least if you dont have a hydrogen storage tank as your backup.

Another very interesting out of box idea is to still use ocean water, and natural resources to store energy, but instead of hydrogen, use gravity. The idea is the wind turbine pumps ocean water up the shore to a large storage tank. The storage thank would be connected to a generator. At any point the valve could open when wind and or solar is done for the day. hydro electric would happen at that point. The Wind and Solar would also run desalination on that pumped up water.

Another out of box idea, hold on, is to use bricks like the red bricks that. you find on a house or fireplace to store energy. This is a very interesting read.

Another idea that has happened is the using gym equipment converting that motion into energy. Check out his video, then think of what a large Gym could produce.

So let me know what you think. Do you see a green future where we no longer have a grid? can efficiency one day be better with no Grid? or do you think it will just never happen and that Henry Fords assembly line principal will make living on a grid the only way we will ever operate on this planet.


Kayak Mirror Lake

I love putting in the Kayak in the Dells and working up to Mirror Lake. Here are some pictures form the trip.

Here is a good read on Mirror Lakes history by Cathy Sperl. Talks about the Ringling brothers tie to the area and a ton more. Cathy’s blog is where I learned there was a bass called a Black Bass.


Internet Health Tools

The Internet is millions of networks interconnected, it is not a thing but rather things that are connected. When I hear a customer or a friend say “My internet is slow or down” generally they look at internet is a thing, product in a single package that should either work or not. But that is kinda like saying “My body is not working”. Reality is the issue can be so many different things.

With Customers and friends alike, I generally take the same approach. Start from the device and work hop by hop service by service backwards. eventually reaching the things call the internet. After I have ruled out the users wifi, copper, jacks, drivers, pc, mac OS and so on, basically everything from the Dmarc in, I will work the local internet carrier network. If the local ISP network seems OK, I will go to the internet core health itself, which is another collection of networks. Level3, ATT and a few others. These core networks are the networks that all the IPS’s use to get to another ISP network. Kinda like a mail package, leaves a house, goes to a mailbox, if the local carrier does their job and picks up the package and delivers it to the local post office, the next step is the package if not destined for another local address will leave the town or city, and make its way over the interstate system or maybe the air, or maybe a ship. Then eventually reach another local postal carrier network, then eventually someones mailbox, then their. home. The Internet as a who works almost exactly like that. Well the tools I need to see if the network transports between the to local postal networks is working, I use the following tools

US Backbone Routes

Build your own Internet Health Report

IoT Technology

Thingfo Article on Transports and Protocols

Useful IoT Transports

  • sigfox @
  • LoRa
  • Z-Wave
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth


WiFi Chipset Makers

Usefull IoT Protocols

  • MGTT

Reference – AdaFruit and Digikey IoT Thingnfo Video

Powershell Technology

Update Active Directory Users from csv file

 $userUpdate = Import-Csv -Delimiter "," -Path ("c:\FaxNumberUpdate.csv")
$rowCount = 1
foreach($user in $userUpdate){
    Write-Host  ($rowCount.ToString() + ") Update " + $($user.DisplayName) + " to " + $($user.Fax))
    # Find user
    $ADUser = Get-ADUser -Filter "displayname -eq '$($'" 

    if ($ADUser){
        Set-ADUser -Identity $ADUser -Fax $user.fax
        Write-Host  ($rowCount.ToString() + ") Completed Update " + $($ + " to " + $($user.fax))
        Write-Warning ("Failed to update " + $($
    $rowCount = $rowCount + 1

The idea is to have a CSV file with column headers, and powershell reads the CSV file into memory, assigns the memory a label called $userUpdate. Then iterates through the memory label $userUpdate row by row finding a matching AD user (Get-ADUser -Filter) matching the AD value called displayname to the spreadsheet column cell being read with the header named “name”. Its case sensitive. Set-ADUser does the actual update updating the matched $ADUser.


Bent over a Barrel

Wouldn’t it be great if we no longer needed gasoline in cars? Sure right? Well I think it would be, and most people would agree. But like every change, there is a cost. For every action there is an equal reaction. It is very important that we not only understand the eco system of a barrel of oil, but that we also work vertically and horizontally on thee oil demand reduction project otherwise there will be massive negative impact if we were to do something like, wake up one day and no longer need or use auto fuel.

You say how can that be? Or maybe you say “We wont. have a planet if we keep using auto fuel”. I am not saying we would not figure things out if we just stopped using auto fuel, but there are better ways for change than white knuckling brute forces changes.

To understand what I am talking about you need to understand how a 159 liter barrel gets refined into 170 liters of product. And what products are produced from a barrel of oil. Then we cover the people (jobs) that come from the oil industry, and the byproduct jobs that come from oil. We will then talk about a conversion, and options or model some ideas on how to positively bridge a transition away from oil.

Oil Life Cycle

Oil has a life cycle and first we will learn that cycle. We will extremely over simplify the process or cycle.

  1. A barrel of oil comes from the earth and is 159 liters
  2. Barrel delivered to refinery which separates barrel into 170 liters of products
  3. Products are delivered to manufacturing or distributors
  4. Products are either purchased or used by end users
  5. Products are buried in the earth or recycled or released in the air
  6. End of cycle

Barrel Refining

What I learned about the refining process at a high level is a 159 liter barrel is warmed up, products separate because of their weight differences, and then products are extracted and stored for deliver.

We will not cover technically the process, but understand that a barrel of oil has a for the most part locked in ratio of products (See chart).

Courtesy of a great website called go there and learn some more. make sure to donate if you find value.

Once you have viewed the chart and understand it (go to the energy education site to learn more if you need to), try and think, what if we as a planet did not ned any of the 43 percent, but desperately needed plastics and diesel fuel. Think about repercussions, what would we do with that 43% of product that no one wants or we cannot do anything with. How do we dispose of it? What you will realize that our dependency on oil products must be a balancing act both on current pricing and usage to the transition to an oil free world.

Oil Jobs

Oil jobs are not just those jobs directly related to exploring, extracting, delivering through pipe lines or trucks or trains, refining facility people or the sales people, brokers, maintenance workers. Direct oil and natural gas jobs account to close to 6% of the US jobs or pushing 3 million jobs, but also think of the gas stations, custodians and all the other support services and restaurants, hotels related services. Plus the industries built on the oil industry like fuel filters, fuel pumps, gas tanks and all other internal combustion engine business. Then step away from ICE (internal combustion engines) and look at the other products, asphalt, plastics which are in everything. Imagine if we replaced ICE with solar and batteries on every vehicle, but could not figure out how to make plastics in mass, so now we have tons of excess barrel of oil products. You get the idea, it feels like it would be impossible to do what we must do, get rid of the reliance on oil. At least without creating the biggest world economic collapse that every happened as well as completely shutdown the world as a functioning unit. We need to either completely destroy the world or completely destroy the world.

Another Way

There has to be another way right? I believe there is always another way for change that does not destroy the planet. But like all change, complexity and difficulty and effort is either front loaded or back loaded or spread out.

  1. All oil product users must supply an alternative approach by x date
  2. Must be a bridge for businesses that would be harmed by oil disappearing to transition to making money with the alternative approaches
  3. All oil companies need to diversify at least 50% of their business to non oil based revenue.

Oil Products and Replacements

Almost all products have many uses, some can be replaced out some are very complex like Coke.

Oil ProductNon Oil Product
GasolineElectric Vehicle or hydrogen ICE/Fuel Cells
DieselElectric Vehicle or hydrogen ICE/Fuel Cells
Jet FuelElectric Vehicle or hydrogen ICE/Fuel Cells
Kerosene lampsLED
Kerosene heatHydrogen gas

Technology Windows Server

Windows Server Event Log Clean up

Event 5152 Removal

If you have these

5152 useless event log entries

And want to get rid of these entries

Do This

C:\Windows\system32>auditpol /set /subcategory:”Filtering Platform Packet Drop”
The command was successfully executed.

C:\Windows\system32>auditpol /set /subcategory:”Filtering Platform Connection” /
The command was successfully executed.

C:\Windows\system32>net stop MPSSVC
The Windows Firewall service is stopping.
The Windows Firewall service was stopped successfully.

C:\Windows\system32>net start mpssvc
The Windows Firewall service is starting.
The Windows Firewall service was started successfully.